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Crisis Response

Crisis Response Information

There may be emergency situations when there is a need to evacuate the building.  When an evacuation is temporary, school resumes after the all-clear signal is given.  Other evacuations may require students to go home.
There may be situations when we need to evacuate to an alternative site.  We have identified several sites to be used, depending on the situation.  We will disclose the location of the specific alternative site when the need for an evacuation is determined.  We will communicate the alternative site location via a message on the school’s voice mail, the school’s webpage, and local radio and television stations.  You may also contact the district office (222-0861) for more information.
Radio Stations
We contact the Moose 95.1 FM, XLCountry100.7 FM and 103.5 FM stations with pertinent emergency information.  Please go to one of those stations to get updates as needed.
Student-Parent Reunification
In the event of an emergency or disaster situation that requires the students to go home, please know that Park High School will care for your student until a parent can pick them up, or until it is safe to transport students to their homes by school district transportation.