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What are service hours and how many do I need? 

Every PHS student needs 40 hours of community service hours to graduate. We believe that helping those outside our immediate families creates more compassionate adults. See the Guidance page for more information. 


How do lunches work at PHS? 

PHS has two lunch sessions. During a normal year we have school lunch and a la carte options on campus and upperclassmen can leave campus during their lunch hour. This year with COVID-19, we have a closed campus at lunch to all students. To pay or add money to your lunch account, please go to the Food Services page. 


I have questions about Infinite Campus/ Canvas. Who do I talk to? 

For Infinite Campus questions, please see Mrs. Peterson. All tech and Canvas questions can be answered by submitting a help ticket. 


What are Grade Checks? 

Students on Academic Probation will check in with teachers weekly and submit grades to the Activities Director and/or Academic Dean. 


Where can I get information on scholarships? 

Go to our Guidance page for an updated list. 


When does school open? 

We open our doors at 7:30 AM. The school day runs from 8:00 AM – 3:33 PM.  


How do I get a copy of my transcript or academic records? 

Mrs. Peterson can help you with these requests. 


What do I do if I can’t come to school or have an appointment? 

If you need to be gone for any reason and will be missing classes, please call Mrs. Cahoon. 


Who is my student’s guidance counselor? 

In most cases, if your last name is A-K, Mrs. Kinsey is your counselor. Students L-Z fall under Mrs. Steinmetz. 


Who do I talk to about Sports and Activities? 

Any questions regarding games, sports and activities can be directed to our Activities Director. 


How do I find out about club meetings, upcoming activities, scholarships, the lunch for the day and other announcements? 

We have announcements for students everyday during 3rd period. We have news and events posted on the front page of our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.