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Recent headlines about Park High Football seeking an independent schedule may have brought up questions, concerns, and relief for some.  Please take a moment to understand our perspective and path forward in rebuilding Park High Football.  Since returning to Eastern A Football in 2021, the Rangers are 0-17, have been mercy ruled in 16 of 17 games (35-point difference running clock), and have under 30 rostered players while most of our opponents have over 50 players.  Our ability to develop physically ready players has consistently been hampered due to our small roster.  In Eastern A Football, we are playing against the defending state champions, eventual state champions, or powerhouse programs with depth charts featuring mostly juniors and seniors playing against our freshmen and sophomores.  These matchups have resulted in injuries and lopsided scores and further exacerbate the low numbers of participants in the football program.


By moving to independent scheduling, we can set matchups that will offer competitive varsity football games.  We have schedule agreements with Western A and Class B teams to play Friday night varsity football games that could be decided on the last play in the 4th quarter.  Additionally, larger schools in Eastern A and AA have offered to field a comparable team to fill out our schedule and offer a season slate of good games.  This move comes with sacrifices.  We are giving up the chance to qualify for the Class A Playoffs or to compete for a Class A State Championship.  This sacrifice is worth our time and hard work because it will offer the chance for a better future for Park High Football.  There are over 100 Livingston kids from 3rd-6th grade playing in the Parks and Recreation flag football league going into its 4th season.  Our goal would be to re-enter the Eastern A Football Conference when our program is ready.


Thank you for your patience and understanding and please reach out if I can help answer any questions or clarify our intentions.




Nate Parseghian

Park High School Activities Director           














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