PHS Construction Class Items FOR SALE

The Construction class students have worked hard on these this spring and we want to see them sold to happy owners so that the program can reclaim the money that was spent on materials. The following are for still for sale at this point:

 -One is a rustic 8'x10' shed with a red stained exterior, double doors and a speckled red metal roof. It has a gable style roof.

 -Three doghouse/animal hides of various shapes and layout. They are all about 3'x4' in size and can accommodate large dogs or could be used for other small animals. These all have shingles on top. One is an A-frame roof, one a shed-style slope roof, and one has a gable roof.

 If you or anyone you know is interested, please reach out by email or my phone number below. The prices are very reasonable compared to what you would be paying at the big places.


Hunter James

 Industrial Technology Teacher

Park High School

Livingston, Montana

 [email protected]