PHS Students Explore Wildlife Ecology

Wednesday, September 29th students in PHS's Life Science and Biology classes explored wildlife ecology in the Mill Creek area through a field trip planned by the science department. This expedition gives students real-world experience in ecology research. Students investigated the Passage Creek drainage where the 2007 Wicked Creek fire occurred taking transect data and comparing it to an old-growth forest. While this process is often granted to students at the collegiate level, PHS students gained the experience prior to heading to higher education preparing them for other similar endeavors.
This type of boots-on-the-ground experience really invigorates student learning and reinforces concepts and vocabulary in an engaging fashion.  During the field trip, Students enjoyed exploring the area, experiencing a scientific process, participating in a biological scavenger hunt, and identifying animal tracks.
Special thanks go out to our Science Department Alecia Jongeward, Julie Lentz, Natalie Davis, and Randy Mogen for organizing and executing an incredible day for our Park High students.