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Professional Bio

Park High School is in my bones. I was born and raised in Livingston and in the spring of 1977, I walked across the stage in the gym at Park High, proud and enthusiastic (and naïve), wanting to do something good for the world. I chose to teach. After graduating from Concordia College, in Moorhead, MN, I found my first teaching job in Wilton, North Dakota.  It was there I fell in love with this profession. As much as I loved my time with the students and people of this beautiful little town, it could not compete with the call that beckoned me home. It was the mountains, the river and my family that drew me back to Livingston and Park High School. I’ve been a teacher in the public school system for 36 years and the last 25 years have been spent at Park High.
            At Concordia, I earned a double major in English and SCTA (Speech Communications/Theater Arts).  In the PHS English Department I teach English Language Arts, Developmental English, and Intermediate Composition.  My speech and theater degree also allow me to teach the Fundamentals of Communication and Introduction to Theater class. This year, the theater class is looking forward to introducing a "devised theater" experience in collaboration with the Shane Center, in which students will identify a social issue they care deeply about (i.e. bullying, racism, etc.) and deeply research this topic. Then they will write their own script and have an opportunity to perform their pieces at the Shane center sometime in February.  We are all looking forward to this collaboration experience, and we believe it will be very rewarding for Park High students.
            My extra-curricular pursuits involve the musical productions that choir director, Nancy Curtis and I have directed for several years. With extraordinarily talented students, we have directed many highly popular musical productions which have made our school and community tremendously proud.
            Personally, I share my home with two dogs, Stella and Dillon. My evenings and summer circle around them and a wonderful group of friends. My time at school is rewarding and I feel it is truly my vocation. I'm tremendously happy and proud to call Park High School my home.