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Attendance Info

Ms. Dust and Mrs. Cahoon are responsible for tracking attendance at PHS. If a student is going to be absent, Mrs. Cahoon must receive a call from the parent/guardian per state law. If a student shows up late to school, he/she must check-in at the attendance office for an admit slip. If a student leaves school early, a parent/guardian must excuse it and the student must check out at the attendance office.

  • Excused absences (EA) - absences approved by the parent and the school.
  • Unexcused absences (UA) – absences not approved by the parent and/or the school. Students will also receive zero grades in classes missed if the absence is unexcused. It is up to the student to clear these absences.

Absences NOT recognized as excused under state law (20-5-103) include hair appointments, shopping, hunting, vacations, etc. These absences MUST be approved by Ms. Dust prior to the event.

A student is allowed 7 of the above absences per semester. Upon their 8th absence (UA/EA), the student will be placed on an attendance contract and is in danger of losing credit.
  • Medically Excused (ME) – absences that are medically excused require a doctor’s note and these absences do not count toward the 7-day policy. Turn in a doctor’s note within two weeks of absence.
  • School-Related (SR) – absences include activities and athletics as well as field trips and do not count toward the 7-day policy.